Peacemaker Corps Becomes NGO

A change of administration in the White House and the war in the Middle East allowed us to pivot away from HUD and Form an NGO non for profit under Peacemaker Corps.

Thousands of Youths Participating

Many thousands of youths from urban housing settings and suburban schools met in smaller groups at shopping malls to participate in a two day workshop learning the techniques and skill of Conflict Resolution, Ethics, Civility, Communication and finally how to spread the work throughout their individual neighborhoods.


Training’s were initially held in Shopping Malls coast to coast and boarder to boarder in the USA during the late 90’s and into the new century. Participants came from Public Housing HUD and local schools.

Restorative Justice Workshop

Restorative Justice Workshop and trainings developed through US Government Grant under President Clinton’s welfare to work initiative and professional industry specialist lead by Carole Sumner Krechman and Secretary Andrew Cuomo.