3rd Place Winner for 2017 Peace In The Streets Film Festival, Mom shares her thoughts on the event!

“I will ask the kids to send on their thoughts as well, but as a parent I can tell you that it was probably the most fulfilling and exciting experience we have had as a family to date. This festival is unique in that it truly offers opportunity for kids from various cultures, nationalities, economic sectors, and experiences to express their views in a creative and positive way. I feel this festival is set apart in that kids, like mine, can use something as simple as an iPhone and home computer to create impactful works that share their story and message. It was very healing and edifying for my kids to be able to do so.
As far as the trip itself, it was a true honor and thrill to be able to visit the UN and meet the other film makers, etc. I cannot adequately express in words how amazing that was for all of us. Because we were able to participate in this event as winners, both of my kids received special awards through their school district, which has opened other doors of opportunity for them in terms of potential internships and connections in the area. The festival has really served as a launching pad for them to use their creative talents to affect change in their spheres of influence”
Kelly Brown
Click on the link above to view the video that her son Jacob Brown created, it’s WONDERFUL!!!