Day of Civility

The Day of Civility™ brings schools, youth oriented organizations, community and faith-based organizations, law enforcement, Government officials, funding sources and the media together to celebrate the value of civilized behavior which must be practiced and reinforced by all adults who parent, teach, preach to and govern our children every day of the year.

The Day of Civility™ will galvanize support for the Peacemaker Projects: transformative, in-demand programs created to empower the next generation of leaders and peacemakers. The Day of Civility™ will tackle issues such as bullying and cyber-bullying, this world-wide initiative will reach and train large numbers of our youth in the skills of leadership, self-reliance and non-violent conflict resolution.

Day of Civility™ Back Story

As with most things, the Day of Civility™ was born out of a string of events.

In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s there was a Japanese Billionaire who was so passionate about peace he traveled the world putting up Peace Poles – perhaps you have one in your community!

Carole Sumner Krechman was a recipient of one of these Peace Poles for her work within the UN.

Carole started the Peacemaker Corps after funding for the project was cut from HUD. She recognized that violence and accelerated bullying was a huge problem and formed her own 501c3 non-profit corporation to eliminate this problem. The Peacemaker Corps delivers interactive programs to youth teaching non-violent conflict resolution. The curriculum helps to reshape behavior that leads to domestic and community violence.

The PCA has proven to be successful throughout the country. It has been a partnership between the federally funded and public-private institutions that focus on violence reduction. It has empowered participants to make positive changes for themselves and their communities.

After several years of bringing the Peacemaker Corps Training to cities across the United States, again, funding was cut. Then, sadly, Mrs. Krechman was also the victim of violence – her beloved son was killed.

Carole Krechman realized that NOW, more than ever, the need for teaching conflict resolution and nurturing adults and kids with self confidence and empowerment training skills can and will change the world. Her fortitude is unending.

In 2010, the Peacemaker Corps Association and FranklinCovey launched an alliance to implement a project to empower the next generation of responsible, self-reliant and productive Leaders and Peacemakers by working through schools and community based organizations focused on mentoring youth in economically and socially distressed communities throughout the U.S.

In early 2012, the Peacemaker Corps Day of Civility™ will launch in New York and Los Angeles. This day-long event provides Peacemaker Training for local students, educators, parents and civic leaders as well as sponsors. The event culminates with a live musical performance for all in attendance and the general public. The event is Free but the training is by invitation only.

Peacemaker Corps is bringing the Day of Civility™ across the world. The goal is to have a Day of Civility some place in the world every day of the year, each and every year. That way people in every corner of the world, every day of the year, are learning how to communicate with each other peacefully and civilly.

All monies raised go to help promote the Peacemaker Programs for schools, faith and community based organizations and any youth oriented organizations around the globe who would like to organize and host a Day of Civility™ in their community or country.

Day of Civility™ is being marketed to cities all over the globe. The day you choose is yours to use year after year.

To host a Day of Civility™ in your city, please contact Peacemaker Corps at